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A Safe Place for Dogs and Puppies to Learn and Play

Here at Paws Preschool and Daycare we offer a unique way of daycare and training that will help with meeting your dog's needs. From helping to release too much energy to stimulating your dog or pup's mind to keep them busy while you can't be with them. We have smaller numbers which can reduce stress and can also reduce the chance of your dog getting over stimulated. We offer daycare, training while at daycare, group lessons, private lessons, packages to meet your goals and needs, and also fun ways to celebrate your dog's birthday with a special birthday party! Does your dog or pup hesitate to respond to commands or gets too distracted? All you need to do is go back to preschool! Rest assured that Paws Preschool and Daycare LLC can provide what they need and more with experience, passion and fun. Keep browsing through our site to learn more!

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Next Level Dog Training and Daycare 

Motivated by a passion for dogs and deep understanding of positive and reward based training, we continue to serve a growing client base and expand our service offerings to meet their needs. When you and your dog come to Paws Preschool and Daycare LLC, you become part of our family.



Put Your Dog First 

With plenty of play space, rest areas and the freedom to romp, play and learn, your four-legged friend will be ready to make it a fun filled day at Paws Preschool and Daycare LLC. Contact us to find out more about our services listed below.



Plenty of Love and Attention

Daycare is one of our most popular services, especially for repeat clients. Don't spend another day worrying or wondering what your dog is doing when you leave them at home, just come join the family here at daycare. We pride ourselves on our professional yet fun approach, and do everything necessary to ensure your dogs are safe, secure and happy. Our small numbers will help reduce stress and help to not over stimulate your dog while they are here. Call today and schedule an assessment so your dog can be a part of our family! Full Day $32 Half Day $22 Packages are available (assessments are required before or on the day of your scheduled first day of daycare)

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The Best for Your Dog

Our dedicated trainer and staff work hard to make sure your dog feels comfortable and relaxed. Whether it’s their first training experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, their wellbeing is central to everything we do. We use our unique methods of short training sessions with fun learning techniques to provide seen results in your everyday training problems. We also provide group lessons on Thursdays and private in home lessons when available. We can also provide private lessons after hours if that's what fits your schedule. So go ahead and get started training today! One hour private lessons after hours and weekends at our facility $60 One hour in home private lessons starting at $65 (prices vary on location, packages available for 4 and 6 week sessions)

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A Stress-Free Experience

Your dog’s happiness is our number one priority. During your dogs daycare stay we will have short training sessions to reinforce basic commands, stop unwanted behavior and help with other training needs you may have. Sessions are kept short to ensure the happiness and well-being of your dog or pup. We have opportunities to provide the correct method of training, without distractions, with some distractions and then move on to more distractions. If you are having difficulties with your dog listening to basic commands or other obedience issues this is the best place for them to learn how to do it correctly! We are a smaller facility with lower numbers to enhance training and reduce stress for your dog. Most training issues stem from holes in the training techniques used and/or your dog not having a clear understanding of what you are asking. So let's take a step back and.....go back to preschool!! Call us today to reserve your dogs spot! Preschool prices start at $40 per half day (up to 4 hours) and $50 per full day (over 4 hours) Packages are available including preschool plus a private lesson. Schedule now before we fill up our classroom! (assessments are required before or on the day of your scheduled first day of preschool)

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A more focused approach 

NEXT CLASS STARTS APRIL 14th 6PM. CALL NOW TO JOIN IN! Group classes are done on a weekly basis to go over anything from basic commands to some behavioral problems. We keep the class numbers down so we can help our dogs relax and be able to focus and learn. 4 one hour weekly sessions $125. To learn more about the sessions we are giving each week just give us a call. Hurry and schedule, since classes are kept small spots fill up quickly!

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The Best for Your Dog

Reserve a time at our facility to introduce new dogs for the first time in a safe and neutral environment. The proper way to introduce dogs to each other for the first time is outside of their own boundaries and territory. This helps both dogs to relax and not to be on guard worried about a new dog approaching their territory. If you are planning to bring another dog into your home to play or watch while someone is away, first set up a playdate to introduce them to see how they will respond to one another. Let one of our staff members help you with keeping your dogs safe and happy! Call today to reserve your time! Half-hour $20 One Hour $35

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A warm and dry solution 

With the changes of weather here in Ohio why not reserve a time to have your dog play at our daycare after hours or weekends when available. You can reserve times privately or as a group while others are playing. Some dogs don't like to be out in the cold or the rain to go for walks, give them the space they need to get their energy out and the chance to play with others if that fits your needs. Private reservations $30 per hour Public reservations $20 per hour 

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Starting them out the right way

This 6 week course will teach you all of the basic training and behavior modification that is needed to know to raise your pup up the right way! We start by socializing the pups then get into step by step training.....sit, stay, down, come when called and loose leash walking. We will also discuss behavioral issues that may occur and the correct way to handle these situations. Go ahead and sign up today to get started on your training! $150 per 6 week course with a minimum of 6 puppies to a class.

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Come Play and Learn 

Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm (6:30 - 8pm for private lessons and reserved playdates) Saturday: group lessons, parties and reserved playdates only Sunday: private lessons, parties and reserved play dates only 



Owner and Trainer 

Sharon has been passionate about animals from a very young age. At 10 years old she finally convinced her parents to get their first dog after trying to bring home stray dogs and cats for years! She was lucky enough to spend so many good years with her 19 year old American Eskimo. As time went on, she adopted her brother’s not-so-well behaved 9-month old Doberman. He was a lot to handle especially as a teenager, but she was persistent and began training him, determined that with a positive attitude and through the use of positive reinforcement she could manage his behaviors, and it worked.

She began her career in the field working as a vet assistant for 12 years, the majority of that time at Dr. Hart’s Animal Hospital and 1 year at Porter Pet Hospital. She enjoyed helping owners take good care of their pets through healthcare and offering advice as much as she could. Throughout the years she also worked with training and boarding horses, taking riding lessons and assisted teaching riding lessons. She has learned that while gaining an abundant amount of personal and professional experience, education would be the key to further understanding life with animals. She then  began her studies in dog training to pursue her goal of becoming a dog trainer.

As a Certified Dog Trainer Sharon is educated to help, and with her life long passion, personal and professional experiences she is confident in guiding owners to learn how to better understand the way their dog behaves and thinks. She is devoted to helping you understand what it is you need to learn for your relationship with your companion to grow and flourish. She firmly believes there is no such thing as a “bad” dog, so she is here to help every dog be the best dog an owner would want. Sharon’s love for animals will always be there. Whether your dog is just hanging out at daycare or learning at preschool, she looks forward to be there for you and your family!